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About Acti-Kare of Piedmont

About Acti-Kare Home Care in the Piedmont Region of Virginia

We are focused on providing compassionate caregivers for your loved one, while fostering an environment to promote their independence, by remaining in their familiar surroundings.

Acti-Kare of Piedmont is committed to providing compassionate caregivers focused on the individual needs of your loved ones. It is important to the Acti-Kare team to assist them at home, in their familiar surroundings, promoting their independence. The Area Director, Steve Jewell and Manager, Linda Lamb are focused on providing compassionate care for those in need of support.

Steve Jewell cared for his mother for seven years in the privacy of their home in order to maintain her independence for as long as possible. It is for that reason that Steve has found himself on the path to help others accomplish similar family goals. With a background in sociology and business, and extensive experience in sales and operational management, we feel we have the total experience needed to provide the level of care that you expect.

Linda Lamb, similarly, also provided care for her mother and worked as a caregiver for over twenty years. She has been a volunteer for many non-profits and continues providing service to those in need. Linda, a CNA is also certified as a Medication Aide and Medical Transcriptionist.

Together, Steve and Linda are committed to providing the local communities with compassionate care-giving services that keep families together and comfortable at home. They service ten counties, including: Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange, Rappahannock and the city of Fredericksburg.

Acti-Kare of Piedmont is committed to providing “one caregiver for one client in a lasting relationship.” We understand the challenges involved and strive to facilitate the promotion of self-esteem and enjoyment for your loved one and doing so within a most familiar environment…their own home!

Acti-Kare of Piedmont is now accepting Long-Term Care Insurance. Be sure to ask us about it today!

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